Set up your in-office meeting today by emailing Veronica
Set up your in-office meeting today by emailing Veronica
Welcome to

Green Harbor Communities

Green Harbor Communities is a local, craft development corporation specializing in the construction of smaller, sustainably built cottage homes. Our goal is to provide affordable housing for working families while preserving environmentally sensitive areas.

What are we creating?

A different way for developing neighborhoods and homeownership that preserve and enhances the environment, while providing homes that the workforce can afford. Green Harbor Communities, “The Preserve” will provide 22 acres of open space for you to learn, play and explore as your backyard.

Why are we doing this?

There is a need in today’s society that very few are trying to solve for. In our current economic climate, a family would need to make approximately $100k a year to achieve the “American Dream”.  One of the cornerstones of the American dream for many is homeownership. Many factors have led to the decline of the affordability of homeownership.  We believe we have found a way to help individuals and families achieve their dreams.



Who are we helping?

You! First-time buyers, individuals, small families, empty nesters, downsizers- those looking to live simply but well without a large mortgage payment.

What are we offering?

A sustainable, beautifully built home with quality products designed to decrease your monthly expenses and not break the bank.

How is this different?

We have chosen to cluster of our homes on the least environmentally sensitive area on the property.  Our 950-1250 square feet homes reduce development impacts while preserving the beautiful forest and wetlands on the property. 

In order to keep our homes affordable we are utilizing a common tool that is common throughout the country known as leasehold. Leasehold allows for individual homeownership while reducing overall costs. This will also help keep the homes affordable in the long term. These cottages will be 100% owner occupied with individuals or families that work and live in Tacoma.


Our Mission

    • To Enhance – the lives of our homeowners by helping them achieve their own “American Dream.”
    • To Create – a better way of home building and ownership by using less and giving more.
    • To Preserve – the beauty of the forest while promoting a strong community within the existing community.

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