Set up your in-office meeting today by emailing Veronica
Set up your in-office meeting today by emailing Veronica


Please fill out sections 1 through 4 in its entirety to begin the process. This is a first come, first qualified opportunity. In order to be eligible for a GHC Cottage you must fill out the GHC questionnaire and be pre-approved for financing. Once you complete those steps a GHC representative will reach out to set up your onsite tour to choose your lot and floor plan.


There is no guarantee that those who qualify will end up with one of the cottages. It is anticipated that there will be more applications then cottages to award so anyone submitting their application recognizes and acknowledges in doing so that there is no guarantee of a positive result.

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Step 2

Find Out what you can afford

See how much you can afford and if one of our homes will work for your budget.
Here are a few options to use.

Evergreen Homeloans

U.S. Mortgage Calculator

Step 3

Get Qualified

We have partnered with Evergreen Home Loans since they are one of the only mortgage providers that work with Leasehold in Tacoma- if you know of another and would like to work with them that works too.

Step 4

SIte Visit

Phase I

Now it is time to come choose the size of your home, the location, the facade, and other exterior/ interior options.

The Price is Set

No bidding wars. No hassles. You qualify the house is yours as long as we still have availability