Set up your in-office meeting today by emailing Veronica
Set up your in-office meeting today by emailing Veronica


Property Amenities


  • 22 Acres of walking trails- meant for you to relax, learn, play, and enjoy
  • Nature Spots
  • Bird/wildlife viewing – 33 different birds identified
  • Dog walking
  • Potential Bee Hives
  • Community Garden


  • 2 Grocery Stores within 4 blocks
  • Coffee Shops
  • Local Restaurants
  • Fast food
  • Pharmacies
  • Public transit nearby
  • 2 Fire Department less than a mile away
  • Elementary/Middle School within a few blocks

Easy Commute

  • 10-minute drive to I-5 from location
  • 10-Minute drive to Tacoma Mall
  • 12-minute drive to Downtown Tacoma
  • 15-minute drive to Joint Lewis McChord
  • 30-minutes to Olympia
  • 33-minute commute to SeaTac
  • 45-minutes to Seattle

Tacoma Housing Goals*

Goal #1

Promote access to high‐quality affordable housing that accommodates Tacomans’ needs, preferences, and financial capabilities in terms of different types, tenures, density, sizes, costs, and locations.

Goal #2

Promote safe, healthy housing that provides convenient access to jobs and to goods and services that meet daily needs. This housing is connected to the rest of the city and region by safe, convenient, affordable multimodal transportation.

Goal #3

Support adequate supply of affordable housing units to meet the needs of residents vulnerable to increasing housing costs.






*Tacoma Housing 2018

Green Harbors Goals

Goal #1

Create sustainable quality workforce housing that local Tacomans need and deserve.  Built with local sustainable product and labor at a price that many are paying to rent.

Goal #2

Enhance the current community and remove systemic issue by activating the lands and foster positive use of our trails, wetlands, and woods for the enjoyment of all age groups.

Goal #3

Develop the new standard for workforce housing that fosters pride of ownership at a price the working force can afford.

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